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Sabado 25 de Octubre



Rock sin Banderas

We are a collective of people with no specific political or religious affiliation that is formed by predominantly Spanish-speaking immigrants, whom, through art and music have united to break down the barriers and pre-conceived ideas, notions, and stereotypes of what it is to be “Latino”.


Our mandate is to create spaces for music and art (including but not limited to: dance, theatre, graffiti, tattoos, performances, painters, all forms of visual art, etc.) , while also producing events that involve all genres of alternative music in Latin America, such as : reggae, hip hop, rock, metal, ska, blues, trova, punk, etc.


Rock sin Banderas wich means "Rock without a flag", starts 22 october 2010, in order to create spaces with the music we like, alternative spanish music.

Later , In order to support all this activity, we have this online radio station , radio rock sin banderas, since 22 november 2010 , that run in its entirety by radios hosts, djs and collaborators that support this vision, and all its movements. (Before it was call FRECUENCIA RADIO).

Some of our recent productions have included bringing international acts such Gondwana from Chile , who are the most critically acclaimed bands bringing forth reggae in Spanish. Chico Trujillo , and Las Krudas cubensi.

We also organize local events and shows, always promoting independent culture throughout various venues in Toronto.

We have been working , and promoting on the cd release of diferent artists such as Mario Munoz, and Dirty Maria.

We have a variety of shows that focus, primarily, in assisting immigrants and newcomers, and all diverse cultures, focusing on subjects such as : women’s rights, film, music, local events, local artists, sports, an entertainment.

We have been working hard , continuing to hone our skills, learning more, and supporting our various communities here, in the heart of Toronto, and the world.

Now we are bringing for the second time to Gondwana ,www.gondwana.cl to Toronto, 30th may 2013, at the Opera house 735 Queen st E. Tikets are on sale now.

Dont miss this concert, its going to be a lifetime experience!!!

Rock sin banderas... Intoxicando en la red!

Rock sin Banderas... Intoxiting the web!!!